We are a small team that works flexibly depending on the client’s needs. Often times we find ourselves wearing many hats: consultant, designer, farmer, educator and project manager. Here are some ways we can work together.


  • If you want to start or are already farming on your land, we provide consultation based on permaculture principles. This would usually entail at least one site visit, after which our team would come up with a brief assessment report with recommendations.


  • Coming up with a design for your land based on permaculture principles would involve more extensive discussion on your objectives, budget and constraints. We would go through a few rounds of feedback before finalizing the design. Our detailed design may include water management, access ways, zoning, buildings, plant selection, animals, and many other considerations. We also provide steps for implementation so that you can execute the design yourself or with your contractor.


  • We are able to implement our design or recommendations either as a contractor, project manager with an external contractor, or supervisor for your workers. Some of what we implement include earthworks, construction and planting.


  • Long-term maintenance is often neglected after the initial enthusiasm of starting a new project. We find that while the initial design needs to be well thought out, there will bound to be tweaks thereafter as we receive new information and feedback along the way. We can assist you either as a farmer-in-residence onsite or provide occasional supervision and training on maintenance for site workers.


  • As our generation loses the skill to grow food, we row against the tide to retain this diminishing knowledge within the community. We have programmes for children and adults on how to establish food gardens and food forests. We also provide training on other aspects of permaculture. Join the movement by attending our courses or volunteer with us!


Few people today muck around in earth, and when on international flights, I often find I have the only decently dirty fingernails.

– Bill Mollison